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How can we help young people (from 16 years old) to live the centennial of the coronation of the Virgin of Oropa? This is the question that we asked ourselves during the annual meeting of
educators and young people that took place in Oropa on September 30, 2018. While watching and discussing a few videos of the previous coronation anniversaries, we spotted a recurring theme:
the warm reception of pilgrims in family houses. Something that many of us have experienced during the World Youth Day in 2016. Here’s the idea then! Why not recreating a WYD-like
experience for the centennial coronation of the Virgin of Oropa? That’s where we took our first step to set up this dream. We hope you will join us, even just with your prayers!


“We are working full steam ahead! If you wish to join us, please get in touch through email. You will find our email address in the brochure.”


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