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The following program was last updated on September 29, 2019. What we have is a first draft and it is likely that many things will change, but those who are WYDs and pilgrimages experts know that this is just the fun of it.

The week we are organizing is not meant as a package holiday, a meeting or something else (all of the things you could think of are for sure nice, but they are “ something else”). It is meant as a pilgrimage, for those who host and those who are hosted.


Monday, August 24 (Saint Bartholomew)
Arrival in the parishes, welcome in the families and welcoming party in the parishes.


Tuesday, August 25
9:30 – meeting point at Cave del Favaro. We’ll then join the pilgrim welcoming ceremony headed towards the Sanctuary of Oropa.
13:30 – after a packed lunch, we’ll be off to a tour of the Sanctuary guided by young people from Biella.
16:30 – Mass in the New Church. The Mass will be celebrated by a bishop chosen by the Sanctuary.
18:30 –dinner at the Sanctuary (offered)
20:00 – show about the Virgin Mary
22:00 – back home to our host families


Wednesday, August 26
9:00 – Mass in the local parish
11:00 – round table meeting about “work” in Cossato
13:00 – packed lunch
14:30 – “Young people meet workers”
17:00 – back home
19:00 – special evening at home with the host families


Thursday, August 27 (Saint Monica)
9:30 – meeting with local charities from the diocese of Biella, we’ll say the rosary all together and then invite them all to the evening Mass in piazza Duomo in Biella
12:00 – catechesis in Duomo about “walking in step with the last ones”
13:00 – packed lunch and visit of Biella
18:00 – Mass celebrated by bishop Roberto in piazza Duomo. We’ll then have dinner… and beyond!
22:00 – back home


Friday, August 28 (Saint Augustine)
10:00 – interview with moral theologists about the “Laudato sii” in 3/4 different locations
13:00 – packed lunch at the beautiful community of Salesiani in Muzzano
14:30 – confessions and/or moments of dialogue
18:00 – dinner (offered) and then a good walk to Sordevolo
21:00 – Passione! After the show, we’ll head back home


Saturday, August 29 (Martidrom of Saint John Baptist) – Celebrating Mary with Pier Giorgio
10:00 – meeting point in Pollone, where we’ll get to know Pier Giorgio and get ready to celebrate
13:00 – packed lunch
16:00 – meeting with the papal delegate to prepare for the coronation
18:00 – dinner party with buffet

*we’ll camp out for the night (in a true WYD spirit!). We’re figuring out where, but we’ll keep you updated. The following morning we’ll walk to Oropa.


Sunday, August 30 – Children of a Queen!
Once the celebration will be over, we’ll walk back and take a bus home.


Monday, August 31
Each parish will organize a goodbye party for its pilgrims.


Participation fee: 100€ for young people from Biella diocesis, 80€ for young people from other areas. The fee covers everything, including a pilgrim-kit and insurance.

Attention! Young people from Biella are encouraged to experience of being welcomed in houses different than theirs.

Transfers: from Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 we’ll move by bus. Meeting points will be arranged so that everyone can be collected in the morning and driven back home in the evening also during
the evening (excluding Saturday 29).


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